Tiina Raitanen is an observer and a collector. She researches spaces and environments, but unlike a simply aesthetic, sweeping gaze, hers peaks through the cracks, the torn and the quirky, finding the unexpected, discovering contact where no one else sees it and, somehow simultaneously with delicacy and power, claiming the scenery hers and yet leaving the space its own life to continue with.

Raitanen is interested in the flow between things and the changes of meaning this creates, which is deliciously visible in her installations, paintings and sculptures. For me the most enjoyable element in her works is the way everything she touches, from gallery walls to used building site plastics, always finds a way to surprise, yet always looking like it has been put to place by no other. For a young artist, Raitanen has remarkable consistency in her practice, still also managing to keep the viewer at her toes, with the relations her materials and works create with each other, with the spaces she takes from and the ones she builds as well as with exhibitions she makes and the way these converse with the world (both within art and outside of it).

Just like the environment Raitanen is researching, her works live a life of constant change. Intuitively but with a unique determination she feeds off her materials as if listening to them while compelling them to re-invent themselves. This flow of re-searching, re-making, re-naming, and re-forming is tangible throughout her practice.

Tiina Raitanen (b. 1983) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She graduated with MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Her works have been seen in both solo and group exhibitions widely around Finland and she is a member of both the Finnish Painters’ Union and the Artists’ Association of Helsinki.

Hanna Ohtonen

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