Languisher, 2018

Jesmonite, aluminium pipe

A figure pierced by a metal duct is hanging attached to concrete architecture. Raitanen has combined found objects from the streets into a new figure cast in jesmonite. Pieces of urban life, such as plastic objects and car parts, have fossilized and united. Languisher engages in surrounding architecture, but is still a crucially distinguishable element.  How do we observe details in our environment?

Languisher was located on Espoonkatu under the walkway of Vaakunasilta.

Ends, 2018


Four identical concrete reliefs were placed in different locations in Espoon keskus. The reliefs’ forms originate from found objects – trash from the streets of Stockholm and junk drifted onshore. Raitanen has collected found objects and composed a relief cast in concrete. The same figure and form are repeated in four different locations. What have the original objects been? What kind of signs we leave into our environment? What will eventually remain from our time?

Languisher and Ends were exhibited in OBJEKTI 4, an outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture, installation and environmental art in and around Espoon keskus, 14 June – 2 Sep 2018. The exhibition was curated and produced by Andy Best / Espoo Kunsthalle.