Gallery Vanha Raatihuone

Turku, 2018

Pasila and Vallila, 2016-2017

Bronze sculptures, found abrasive blasted steel rods, varnish and rubber bands.

300 x 405 x 110 cm

I found thick steel rods from the ground during the refurbishment of the Nokianpuisto in Helsinki. Excavator had turned the soil upside down for a new dog park. How long these rods have been under the layers of soil? Abrasive blasting removed decades of rust revealing the corroded surface of metal. Attached to the steel rods is a set of bronze sculptures. Their shapes are based on trash and found objects from the wasteland in the Pasila area.

Buried by time and ashes, 2017-2018

Concrete, bronze, glass, rust, paint and a piece of a sale rack from the Anttila department store.

98 x 40 x 20 cm

The shapes in the concrete part of the sculpture are from found plastic car parts. The metal piece is from the Anttila department store’s sale rack. The Anttila department store declared bankruptcy in 2016. The bent barbecue fork is made out of glass and bronze.

Tongue against frosty metal, 2017-2018

Concrete, bronze, epoxy resin, paint and pieces of sale racks from the Anttila department store.

125 x 86 x 90 cm

Concrete casting made out of a concrete piece found from a quarry and from a piece of chair found from Vallila. Epoxy resin casting from a tongue. Pieces of sale racks from the Anttila department store. Bronze casting from a balloon handle and from construction site straps.

Combination, 2017

Bronze sculpture from broken sunglasses, plastic car part and piece of a ratchet.

6 x 12 x 5,3 cm

Without a bucket, 2017

Bronze sculpture from a plastic bucket handle.

1 x 19,5 x 6 cm